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AEDAF and AIRBNB Collaboration Agreement

The Spanish Tax Consultants’ Association (AEDAF) has signed an agreement with AIRBNB following which the Association will collaborate with AIRBNB to facilitate information sessions to provide people who earn income by providing accommodation services to this platform with knowledge on the taxes they are liable to pay. The AEDAF will therefore become a collaborator with AIRBNB, world leader in this type of service.

Thanks to this agreement, homeowners who work with the platform will have access to specialised tax advice from members of the AEDAF, all with an aim to answering their questions about how to declare the income they obtain via the platform.

A specialised website has also been created to help you be a responsible host, where tax consultants who are members of the AEDAF appear classified by area, province and town. Additional information on tax payments can also be found on the aforementioned website.

As a member of the AEDAF, Tax&Law Consulting offers this tax advice service relating to income obtained from holiday rentals. The service is currently available for owners with properties located in Málaga, Antequera and Marbella among other towns.

If you are a homeowner and you let it for holidays, feel free to contact us with your queries on how to declare your income.

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