Tax&Law Consulting Tax Consulting in Malaga offers comprehensive and personalized tax advice to professionals and self-employed professionals. Consult our list of advisory services for professionals and self-employed. If you can´t find information about the service you need, contact us in the form located at the bottom of this page.

Permanent Advice
Recurrent Tax Advice

Continuous advice to entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers

Supervision and filling of tax returns

VAT, withholdings and payments on Personal Income Tax, intra-community operations, …

Advice and supervision of accounts

Preparation and supervision of books mandatory records for entrepreneurs and professionals

Specific Advice
International Taxation

Advice on international operations and application of double taxation agreements

Tax and Wealth planning

Advice on the implementation of efficient structures and tax optimization in Personal Income Tax and Wealth Tax

Family business succession planning

Analysis and advice on business succession in relation to the Inheritance Tax

Procedures and Appeals
Management, collection and sanction procedures

Advice on management, collection and sanctioning procedures initiated by any Administration

Economic-Administrative appeals

Preparation and submission of economic-administrative appeals filed against acts dictated in matters of management, inspection, collection and refund of taxes

Contentious-Administrative Appeals

We offer our clients the possibility of claiming in a contentious-administrative way the resolutions issued by the Administrative Economic Courts

Other services

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