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Agreement Vestalia Asociados and Tax&Law Consulting

During the month of May, the Madrid firm Vestalia Asociados and the Malaga tax firm Tax&Law Consulting have signed a collaboration agreement by which both firms expand the range of services they offer to their clients.

Vestalia Asociados is a multidisciplinary firm specialized in advising and resolving family conflicts. Its managing partner is Delia María Rodríguez. Since she was a child, Delia was always very clear that her vocation was aimed at the protection of children, to which she has dedicated the last 8 years of her life from a legal and educational perspective.

Delia has specialized in family and minor law, fields in which she practices law from a preventive, conciliatory and humane approach. She is a member of the Criminal Court of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid, as well as a member of AEAF (Spanish Association of Family Lawyers).

she has participated in different conferences such as the VII International Congress on ADD. organized by the C.O.N.F.I.A.S Foundation. (2014), the I Congress of Madrid Lawyers (2015) or the Spring Congress organized by the Association of Novos Lawyers of Vigo (2015).

In relation to her work within the field of family and childhood, Delia has also participated in numerous programs and media, such as “La Linterna” (COPE), “Emprende Ahora” (Onda Madrid), “ Undertake and Mediate” (Intereconomía), “The Adventure of Knowledge” (RTVE), as well as different interventions in “Roads of Round Trip” (Radio Exterior-RTVE), and “Sin Distancias” (Radio 3-RTVE).< /p>

Since 2014, Delia has been President of the Professional Initiation and Development Section of the Illustrious Madrid Bar Association.

With the signing of this agreement, both firms expand their geographical scope of action and the areas of services they offer to their respective clients.

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