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Offices in Antequera:

C/ Carreteros 16, 2º A, 29200 Antequera (Málaga)
951 103 137 / 673 329 090

Tax&Law Consulting offers a comprehensive tax advice service that covers all the needs that our clients may encounter regarding tax issues.

Taxation professionals of our office in Antequera have extensive experience acquired in prestigious firms and training that allows them to provide advice to all kind of companies and entrepreneurs in Antequera and its province.

Tax&Law Consulting establishes its office in the center of Antequera with the aim of helping companies and entrepreneurs from Antequera to resolve their concerns and tax queries by offering a high-quality tax advice service.

Specifically, our tax advisors and tax lawyers in Antequera provide the following services:

– Tax forms submitting:

We provide the service of filling in and submitting of tax forms. We manage all the forms related to Personal Income Tax, VAT, Corporate Tax, Inheritance and Donations Tax,…

In addition, we offer the revision service of said forms before their submitting in the event that is the client who fills in them.

– Accounting:

We offer our clients a comprehensive accounting service. We register all the accounting entries related to income invoices, expense invoices, bank statements and Corporation Tax expense registry.

Likewise, we prepare and submit the official books and annual accounts of the company to the corresponding Mercantile Registry.

Additionally, we offer an accounting review service before closing the fiscal year. In this way, the clients who manage their accounting ensure that the accounting criteria they have followed is correct according to the regulations.

– Advice to vacation rental owners:

We advise on tax matters to clients who own properties and tourist apartments in Antequera and the province rented for vacation rental.

We study the tax consequences in Personal Income Tax, Non Residents Income Tax and VAT.

– Preparation of appeals and claims:

We prepare appeals and claims before the corresponding tax authorities to appeal fines and tax liquidations received by our clients and that we understand are not in accordance with the Law.

– Personal Income Tax advice:

We fill in and submit the annual Personal Income Tax form for individuals and the self-employed.

– Tax ongoing advisory service for the self-employed:

We advise the self-employed, offering them a complete tax preparation and submitting service and tax advice on everything related to the development of their activity.

– Tax advice on inheritances:

We carry out tax planning to achieve savings in the payment of the Inheritance Tax. In addition, we provide the service of preparation and submitting of all tax forms related to Inheritance Tax.

– Tax authorities inspections:

We assist our clients from the beginning of the inspection to the signing of the tax minutes.

On the other hand, we offer tax advice in English to foreign and non-resident clients who live in Antequera and its province or who own businesses or real estate located in Antequera.

If you need a tax advisor or a tax lawyer in Antequera, do not hesitate to contact us. We will solve all your tax queries.

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