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Here at Tax&Law Consulting, we are not content with just providing our clients with an optimum solution from a merely fiscal point of view, instead we provide them with all possible options, thus giving them the chance to study the pros and cons of each one before determining which option interests them most.

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Tax Updates

AEDAF and AIRBNB Collaboration Agreement

AEDAF and AIRBNB Collaboration Agreement The Spanish Tax Consultants’ Association (AEDAF) has signed an agreement with AIRBNB following which the Association will collaborate with AIRBNB to facilitate information sessions to provide people who earn income by providing accommodation services to this platform with knowledge on the taxes they are liable to pay. The AEDAF will […]

Main tax changes in the area of floor clauses

Main tax changes in the area of floor clauses A new forty-fifth additional condition is added to Law 35/2006, of the 28th of November, on Personal Income Tax and the partial modification of acts on Corporation Tax, on Income Tax for Non-Residents and on Wealth Tax. The aim of this additional condition is to regulate […]

Immediate Supply of Information System (SII)

Immediate Supply of Information System (SII) On the 6th of December the Royal Decree 596/2016 of the 2nd of December was published in the Official Spanish Gazette with regards to the modernization, improvement and boost of the use of electronic methods in V.A.T. management, by means of which the Regulations on Value Added Tax were […]

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